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I took the kids to Rockin’ Jump and realized their audience is my audience. I saw a guy working the food counter who was about 40 years old, nicely dressed, and seemed to know what he was doing… so of course, I ask if he is the owner. He said, “I am one of them.” (Man, hats off to the entrepreneur who works the food counter because I know that is not why he started his business… anyways, I digest.)

After a short introduction and explanation of why I am talking to him, we are going to set up a way for me to reach his audience… probably by me setting up a table one Saturday and autographing books I sell to his customers. So yea, I get the walk of doing what it takes to make things happen.

It reminds me of when I started stand-up comedy in 1999. There was very little stage time for comedians in Atlanta so I figured out what I needed to do to be in front of an audience. One thing I did that nobody else was doing (that I knew of) was going to karaoke nights and filling out the little song sheet with “3 minutes of stand-up comedy.” I always got on that show so I was able to get more stage time which meant I was able to offend more people.

Sitting at a Rockin Jump et al to get my book going is a similar move to my karaoke comedy idea… which means I will be surrounded by people who are lonely functioning alcoholics.

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